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Hey!  My name is...

Qutub Syed

Over the span of my career, I've helped clients in 7 different niches successfully launch their brands, making them over 6-figures in ARR with copywriting — applying marketing strategies tailored to each client.

After having finished my undergrad in pharmacology, I could not continue down a path with a static end where you don't make any true connections nor do you personally become a sole benefactor from helping others succeed.

In 2024, I've started the Conversion Newsletter that gives away the secrets to mastering powerful copy that can influence your clients to seek you out.

I believe that being authentic is how you nurture trust within your tribe — building relationships that emphasize loyalty. And that's what I'm here to help you do.

A Chat To Add 2 Clients... ASAP!

Hello {enter valued prospect's name},

If you've stumbled onto here by accident...

I guess 'luck' really does exist!

And if you continue reading this (for whatever odd reason) then let me introduce myself:

My name is Qutub Syed. I'm a seasoned copywriter and marketing strategist that's grown health coaches, SaaS companies, pharma companies, realtors, and even an alkaline water brand.

You probably think, as did most of my clients before they started working with me, "Why would I need a marketing strategist? Let alone a copywriter?"

The thing is...

You probably don't. 

You might be one of the 80% of business owners who are satisfied with just having tried — no real ambition to make a serious impact on the world around you.

And that is alright.

It's also alright if you never reach out to me for a free consultation that could possibly add 2-3 prospects to your calender from just a single call.

You'd be saving me a lot of time... and so thank you for that.

But let's just assume that you are driven to build your brand, restructure your offers, create lead magnets, guide clients down the correct sales funnel — all while adding a few extra zeros to the end of your monthly revenue.

In that case, contact me and book a time to have a quick chat that could possibly change the way you look at marketing in the future.

If you'd like me to help you grow, you should first understand what I could offer you.

I've briefly laid out samples of marketing funnels, emails, Facebook Ads, Strategy templates, and much more on my portfolio and samples pages.

My goal is not to promise you one thing, try to deliver but fail, and leave you high and dry to only start from scratch with the next target on my list.

Rather, I'm looking to build a team of hard working financial coaches that see the results they hope to achieve...

Building a good rapport so that we can partner up over and over...

AND OVER again!

And so, if you're ready to hop on a quick call to chat, here is a link to my calendly page — your first step in the right direction.

- Qutub Syed

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